Author: Nancy Hughes

East Hollywood campaign shows how Trees are Good for Business and Good for Health

Over the past five years, our partners at the East Hollywood Business Improvement District (EHBID), The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood Hotel, The Los Angeles Beautification Team (LABT), Million Trees LA and Street Tree Seminar have been hard at work improving East Hollywood by investing from the ground up. In March of this year, the Invest From the Ground campaign joined local partners in enhancing East Hollywood by raising awareness about the benefits of trees for both local business and public health. Through local outreach, events, and media such as presence at Farmers market and bus bench and transit shelter signs, we have been sharing important information on how trees help communities thrive.  Trees can actually improve businesses’ bottom lines by drawing in more customers, who are willing to pay more, stay longer and return more often. You can learn more about how trees will help East Hollywood businesses and health with our informative brochure specifically on this topic. On June 1st, our partners held a tree planting event that finalized  the Million Trees L.A. donation to East Hollywood’s Vermont Avenue— Our 13 trees brought the total to  101 trees! On June 4th, we hosted a Business Improvement Forum at the Hollywood Hotel. This exciting evening was attended by 56 local business owners, public health professionals, government officials, and urban forestry professionals. Special thanks to the Hollywood Hotel for providing...

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Go out on a limb – climb a tree!

Guest post by Mary Pendleton from our fantastic partner organization Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture. When she’s not on the ground caring for our trees, you can find her climbing in the treetops! Spring has arrived, and what better way to celebrate than by trying a new hobby? Tree climbing! Are you a parent with kids that love to climb? Or is shimmying up into trees’ canopies already one of your favorite activities? Perhaps you’ve been looking for an exciting new way to discover and connect with nature? Whatever your disposition, I think we can all agree that it’s...

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As trees grow, so grows the economy

The biggest factor on the minds of Californians continues to be the economy and jobs and rightfully so. In turn, our public officials are working hard and looking at all sorts of measures to attract good-paying jobs to our communities. One place many policymakers haven’t looked, however, is at our trees. They would wise to start doing so, because more trees mean healthier communities, and healthier communities make for better business environments. Sound like a complex connection? It’s quite simple actually, so let us explain. Healthier communities help companies diminish the effects of increasing health care costs. At the...

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Trees mean business

Guest blog by Kathleen L. Wolf, PhD,  a research social scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle. More information about this and related studies can be found at the Human Dimensions of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening website. The USDA Forest Service has been a major sponsor of this research. Trees make city streets more beautiful. But are improved aesthetics the only benefits that trees provide in a community? Recent research shows that people’s reactions to trees can have positive effects on everything from the market value of homes to traffic safety. One of the most little-known facts about...

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