Trees: Good for Jobs and the Economy

 Guest blog by Kyle Anderson of Express Employment Professionals (EEP), a staffing agency with over 600 offices in the United States. Whenever companies are in need of new employees, Express takes care of recruiting, screening, and interviewing potential workers....

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It’s hot in the city

It's 86°F outside the city, but not far away, in the downtown area without trees, temperatures are significantly hotter—in the 90’s—people are sweltering, air conditioners are on full blast, sidewalks are being damaged, air pollution is up. This is becoming an...

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Albany’s Tree Heroes

Growing trees help build great communities. Fortunately for Albany, CA, there are a number of local tree heroes who understand how trees benefit their community and are working hard to plant more of them. The work these tree heroes are doing benefits their neighbors...

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Right Tree, Right Place

Guest post by Mary Pendleton from our fantastic partner organization, Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture.  One of the most widely used phrases in arboriculture is “Right Tree, Right Place.”  Do you know what it means?  This post will explain the...

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10 Myths about Trees

Here at Invest from the Ground Up headquarters, we hear a lot of tree myths floating around.   Read on to learn about some common misconceptions about trees. Myth 1:  Anyone can plant a tree correctly! Truth:  It’s true anyone can plant a tree, but to growing a...

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Trees Reduce Energy Costs

Did you know that just three trees properly placed around a house can save up to 30% of energy use? Staying cool can be a matter of life or death Summer’s here and that means picnics, pools and peaches but it also means HOT days.  Last week, my neighbor commented to...

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Nature heals trauma by giving us a chance to be together outside. Nature is inclusive—we all belong there.

“From cradle to grave, there is compelling evidence that human beings need to be in natural settings,” Dr Razani.

Dr Razani, speaking at our conference & pediatrician @UCSFChildrens prescribes nature for health. See the schedule

Update: Dr Jackson has been called to DC to advise on ACA. Dr Razani, prescribes nature, is our new closing speaker.

Entries close at midnight tonight for our awards for excellence in Urban Forestry. Don't miss out. InvestInTrees photo

Entries close at midnight Monday for our awards for excellence in Urban Forestry. You can even nominate yourself. InvestInTrees photo

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