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Keep your business growing like a tree: Overcoming tree challenges for businesses
Mar 2014 24

Being a small business owner involves juggling a lot and constantly making decisions.  Owners need to  attract more customers while also improving their bottom line. One of the simplest investments businesses can make is in trees and green spaces.  Trees create an appealing environment that encourages customers to: Visit more often Shop for longer amounts of time Place higher value on goods being sold, therefore spending more money These benefits have in fact been studied and proven. Yet, businesses often […]

Invest From the Ground Up branches out to El Cerrito
Feb 2014 25

We’re proud to announce, the Invest From the Ground campaign has selected the City of El Cerrito for our fifth local community! Alongside our tree-mendous local partners—The City of El Cerrito, The El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce  and the El Cerrito Garden Club, we are working to start the conversation with businesses about the valuable benefits of well-maintained trees. We will be focusing on businesses throughout the El Cerrito business district. Down the road a few miles, Berkeley’s healthy trees […]

Why topping hurts trees. Plus alternatives to topping trees.
Sep 2013 25

Tree topping is one of the most harmful tree pruning practices know. Yet, it continues everyday…You will come home from work and see a tree cut in a blunt line straight across—like a limb amputation—it’s unattractive, expensive, harmful to your trees health, and in the long run doesn’t even solve the problem of keeping your tree size under control. Three reasons topping trees is a bad idea: Tree topping leads to more expense. Topping removes the leaf-bearing crown of a […]

Trees mean business
May 2013 29

Guest blog by Kathleen L. Wolf, PhD,  a research social scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle. More information about this and related studies can be found at the Human Dimensions of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening website. The USDA Forest Service has been a major sponsor of this research. Trees make city streets more beautiful. But are improved aesthetics the only benefits that trees provide in a community? Recent research shows that people’s reactions to trees can have positive […]

How trees and business signage can live in harmony
May 2013 08

When you consider how you want to spend your day, does a treeless strip mall or shady leafy-canopied shopping area sound better? The fact is that people are drawn to inviting and attractive areas to do their pleasure and even errand shopping. Research shows consumers prefer green environments: 3 out of 4 consumers prefer to shop in places that are graced by trees and landscaping Patrons of tree-lined shopping areas are willing to spend 11% more Customers are willing to […]

Trees make businesses better
Dec 2012 06

A sunny Saturday about a month ago, I had a slew of errands to run. It was beautiful outside and this seemed like an annoying way to spend the day. I realized I had two choices: 1) go to the strip mall or big box department stores or 2) go to my beautiful, tree-lined downtown shopping district and make a day of it. I called up my friend and asked her to meet me for lunch at Teddy’s Bistro, a […]