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Trees mean business

Guest blog by Kathleen L. Wolf, PhD,  a research social scientist at the University of Washington, Seattle. More information about this and related studies can be found at the Human Dimensions of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening website. The USDA Forest Service has...

How trees and business signage can live in harmony

When you consider how you want to spend your day, does a treeless strip mall or shady leafy-canopied shopping area sound better? The fact is that people are drawn to inviting and attractive areas to do their pleasure and even errand shopping. Research shows consumers...

Trees make businesses better

A sunny Saturday about a month ago, I had a slew of errands to run. It was beautiful outside and this seemed like an annoying way to spend the day. I realized I had two choices: 1) go to the strip mall or big box department stores or 2) go to my beautiful, tree-lined...


Invest From the Ground Up
Invest From the Ground Up shared a link.
Trees offer social, environmental, and economic benefits throughout their lifetime. But not all trees are equally well-suited for every planting site or in every climate. Tree selection and placement are two of the most important decisions a homeowner makes when landscaping a new home or replacing a...
Invest From the Ground Up
Invest From the Ground Up shared a link.
Cities across the U.S. are seeing worse floods and hotter summers, but experts believe urban parks can help residents cope.
Invest From the Ground Up
Invest From the Ground Up shared a link.
A growing movement is promoting the role gardening can play in patient recovery and rehabilitation
Invest From the Ground Up
Invest From the Ground Up
Nice video put together by the Riverside Neighborhood Partnership - great things happening in their community! (And our own Diana Ruiz!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuxXQAcggwk&feature=youtu.be
Invest From the Ground Up


Nature heals trauma by giving us a chance to be together outside. Nature is inclusive—we all belong there. https://t.co/yuZ3fv87lG

“From cradle to grave, there is compelling evidence that human beings need to be in natural settings,” Dr Razani. https://t.co/aA6k2hQRQY

Dr Razani, speaking at our conference & pediatrician @UCSFChildrens prescribes nature for health. See the schedule https://t.co/rBlHWq7HBe

Update: Dr Jackson has been called to DC to advise on ACA. Dr Razani, prescribes nature, is our new closing speaker. https://t.co/bRioVI4Jhn

Entries close at midnight tonight for our awards for excellence in Urban Forestry. Don't miss out. https://t.co/OvmDcnywnn https://t.co/0Rko5kzjeo InvestInTrees photo

Entries close at midnight Monday for our awards for excellence in Urban Forestry. You can even nominate yourself. https://t.co/EJMnRHmXgR https://t.co/kpsqb4SYef InvestInTrees photo

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