10 Myths about Trees

Here at Invest from the Ground Up headquarters, we hear a lot of tree myths floating around.   Read on to learn about some common misconceptions about trees. Myth 1:  Anyone can plant a tree correctly! Truth:  It’s true anyone can plant a tree, but to growing a...

Being Water Wise in Santee

Learning how to save money, stay cool, improve property value and a fun day in the sun; that’s what our Invest From the Ground Up campaign brought to Santee, California. In April and May of this year, Invest From the Ground Up joined with local partners (the City of...

A few drops of water wisdom

Guest blog by Delia B. Juncal, an ISA Certified Arborist. Ms. Juncal is one of only 137 Certified Urban Foresters in California. She has an extensive background in the arboricultural, horticultural, environmental, and developmental and landscape industries and is...

5 great ways to enjoy nature in Santee, CA!

Guest blog by our fabulous local campaign partner, Annette Saul, certified arborist and Parks and Landscape Supervisor for the City of Santee. She has had a lead role in maintaining Santee’s status as a “Tree City USA,” creating and developing the annual SanTree Fest...

Invest From the Ground Up in Santee!

With a hot Santee summer on the horizon, are you starting to look for shade and ways to save on your energy bills? Look no further than the ground! Trees are actually one of the cheapest, most effective summer solutions around for homeowners. For just $10* a year, any...

Trees in the desert

Post by guest blogger Dennis Swartzell, a board-certified master arborist, who has a consulting practice where he resides in Southern Nevada. He is Landscape and Arboretum Director Emeritus at the University of Nevada - Las Vegas and current president of the Western...


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Watch the "Why water is one of the weirdest things in the universe" video at BBC Ideas. Explore other related content via our curated "Get a taste of BBC Ideas: Short films for curious minds" playlist.
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A Turkish man with only 212 Twitter posts, recently started a tweet with, “I have an idea”—and it went viral, prompting the president to act on his advice.
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During the Democratic presidential debates at the end of June, candidates sparred over a variety of far-reaching progressive policy proposals on climate change, immigration, healthcare, gun violence, college loans, and more. As they debated what was and wasn’t feasible and what could or couldn’t
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Take your Urban Forestry knowledge to the next level! From canvassing to post-planting care, learn what it takes to care for a tree in your community!
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Nature heals trauma by giving us a chance to be together outside. Nature is inclusive—we all belong there.

“From cradle to grave, there is compelling evidence that human beings need to be in natural settings,” Dr Razani.

Dr Razani, speaking at our conference & pediatrician @UCSFChildrens prescribes nature for health. See the schedule

Update: Dr Jackson has been called to DC to advise on ACA. Dr Razani, prescribes nature, is our new closing speaker.

Entries close at midnight tonight for our awards for excellence in Urban Forestry. Don't miss out. InvestInTrees photo

Entries close at midnight Monday for our awards for excellence in Urban Forestry. You can even nominate yourself. InvestInTrees photo

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