My name is Sonali Shah and I am the Communications and Outreach Manager for the “Invest From the Ground Up” campaign. I’m so excited to be part of this important campaign and to help to share our message with folks across California.

As the Communications and Outreach Manager, I am your point person for all things related to the campaign. My job is to help you to learn more about the benefits of trees and how you can share these benefits with others. I hope to help in a range of ways—whether it’s providing you with tools like fact sheets, posters and stickers or resources that help you grow support among your friends and neighbors.

“Invest From The Ground Up”What’s It About?

Over the next year, “Invest From the Ground Up” will be traveling through the state helping homeowners and business owners to see the true value of one of the easiest and most cost-efficient investments we can make in our communities: Caring for trees and green spaces.

We want to show people the many benefits trees provide—from a general feeling of well-being to increased property values and retail sales, and from providing shade from the sun and cleaning water to reducing crime and increasing our overall health. It’s important to know that trees not only improve our quality of life— they provide real financial value!

On this website, our social media pages, through in-person briefings and from our partners, you will find resources and information on how important and valuable trees are to us.

Get Involved

There are three main ways you can get involved with the campaign.

Learn: Our trees, parks and green spaces give us so much more than just a sense of comfort and well-being—they have practical and financial value. By visiting our resources page you can learn how we are talking about the full range of their value and the big returns we get from our small investment in them. You can also learn more about any campaign efforts in your community. Click here to view our resources.

Join: We need you (and your friends!). This campaign is connecting homeowners, business owners, organizations and community leaders in cities across California, but we need your stories, your input and your voice in order to be effective. By joining the campaign you can not only add your voice to our efforts, you can stay up to date on the latest developments across California and in your own community. Click here to sign up for our campaign newsletter and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get fun facts and updates you can share with your own networks.

Invest: We can only keep this campaign moving through the support of our donors, sponsors and partners. Your investment in us will make it possible to take this campaign to more communities and reach more people. You can click here to make your tax-deductable donation today!

The more you get involved and share the message of our campaign with your neighbors, friends and family, the better for YOUR neighborhood! Together, WE—the  “Invest From the Ground Up” staff and YOU—can make sure our trees are well-cared-for and in turn build a stronger, healthier, wealthier community for YOU and your families!

Let’s Create Greener, Healthier and Stronger Communities!

I am excited to bring my years of experience in marketing and communications for leading companies and committed organizations including AT&T, eBay, Hasbro, The Sierra Club and the Felidae Conservation Fund to help create a better California.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together for a greener California! Please feel free to contact me anytime at or 415.479.8733.

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