If you are a business owner wanting to improve your profits, trees are the way to go. Besides the fact that trees create pleasant and appealing shopping areas, studies show they also provide real, quantifiable boosts to business:Cafe culture

  • Increased income. According to Dan Burden, a senior urban designer, “Businesses on treescaped streets show 20% higher income streams, which is often the essential competitive edge needed for main street store success.”
  • Ability to charge higher prices. A national study conducted by the University of Washington showed that prices were, on average, about 11% higher for products in landscaped districts, compared to those with no trees. That means that for each transaction, a business in a treed-area is making over 10% more than their competitors in tree-less areas.
  • Improved customer perceptions. That same study also showed that customers felt 15% more positive about their interactions with merchants and with 30% more satisfied with what they purchased. As common sense dictates, when people have a positive experience, they are more likely to want to repeat it—and recommend it to their friends and family. That’s the beauty of trees: They do the work of growing and sustaining your customer base for you.

If the above benefits weren’t compelling enough, trees also indirectly benefit businesses by improving our health:

  • Reduced healthcare costs. As healthcare costs continue to rise and the Affordable Care Act looms on the horizon, healthcare costs have become a significant financial concern for businesses. They’ve even become the second highest expense in many businesses. Given that as much as 75% of what we spend on healthcare today is spent on preventable issues, trees can play a major role in improving our health and reducing our costly use of medical services.
  • Healthier, happier employees. As a business, your number one asset is your employees.Being around trees makes people healthier and happier, which for a business, translates into a more focused, energetic and productive workforce. Research from the CDC shows that healthier employees miss fewer work days per year, which means lower expenses and higher income for you.  

Trees have the additional health-related benefits of reducing crime, increasing pedestrian safety and lowering temperatures, all of which lead to more inviting shopping environments. If we want healthy thriving communities, investing in trees is a sound business decision.

Tell us below how trees have helped your business!