AMPlifying the Urban Forest to Provide Grassroots Community Volunteer Opportunities

As part of a larger, collaborative urban forestry movement, AMPlifying the Urban Forest will provide California communities with volunteer opportunities and educational resources in collaboration with like-minded local service organizations who are committed to protecting and enhancing their urban forests.

Each of the 30 participating cities, spanning four different regions throughout California, were tasked with selecting a group from their own community to spearhead volunteerism and education surrounding the event. These community groups range from local tree foundations and church groups to young-adult led groups such as local teen centers and high school ROTC programs.

Leading up to the event, the selected community groups will participate in virtual training sessions to learn planting and site selection best practices, as well as tree care. The groups will also assist their municipalities with canvassing and advocacy efforts to drum up community participation for the event. Once the big day, March 12, 2022, arrives, all of the preparation and training will come in handy as the volunteer groups lead their community in expanding their urban forests.

“AMPlifying the Urban Forest could not exist without the help of each cities’ communities groups,” said WCA Vice President Mike Palat “Their involvement before, during and after the event is vital to the greater urban forestry movement underlying this project.”

For more information about volunteer opportunities check the list of participating cities here.  

Funding for this project is provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program.

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