What does Smokey Bear, a gigantic squirrel Treeture named Professor Arbor E. Tum and the circus have in common? Trees! Trees in Albany, to be exact.

2013-09-28 11.58.14 - CopyLast Saturday, Smokey, the Professor and the TreeCircus along with 5 Albany community members came together to plant about 100 trees on Adams Street in Albany, CA.

These were street trees that the City of Albany generously provided to Albany home and business owners. In fact, Albany is one of a few fortunate Californian cities to offer this amazing benefit – not only are they giving away free trees, but they’re also offering free planting and lifetime care. Usually the city charges $50 per tree, which is still a great deal, but to celebrate the partnership with the Invest From the Ground Up campaign this summer, the city waived this nominal charge – essentially giving residents this amazing offer for free.

Tree-mendous summer activities

The Invest From the Ground Up – Albany campaign focused on the neighborhood around San Pablo Ave, Madison, Adams and Jackson Streets with the aim to create the city’s first-ever Green Corridor. With over three hundred trees requested in a few short months due to our campaign outreach, the neighborhood is on its way to creating a beautiful new urban canopy.

 Our campaign partnered with The City of Albany, Albany Community Foundation, Transition Albany, Albany Chamber of Commerce, and Bay Area Forest Ecosystems Council to share important information about how and why trees are crucial to the health and success of Albany. From tree education booths at farmers markets, price tags on public trees, chalk stencils on sidewalks where trees should be, the passionate and hardworking group of Albany community volunteers tirelessly worked to spread the message that trees help increase business’ income, increase property values, provide energy savings and create wonderful neighborhoods.

2013-09-20 08.18.23Albany’s urban forester, Tony Wolcott, is a true tree hero in leading Albany’s greening efforts. And the campaign salutes him for all his passion and dedication. The free tree program and this campaign would not be possible without him.

Still time for Fall Planting

Fall is the best time of year for planting trees. Most trees are in their dormant stage & planting them when the weather is cool, not yet freezing, will allow the tree time to settle in to its new environment. You can still get a street tree from the City of Albany, through December 1, 2013. Contact Tony Wolcott at twolcott@albanyca.org or 510-559-4275. We want even more trees in Albany. We’re starting with the city’s first green corridor; let’s expand it to make Albany California’s the first green city!

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