We’re proud to announce, the Invest From the Ground campaign has selected the City of El Cerrito for our fifth local community!

Alongside our tree-mendous local partners—The City of El Cerrito, The El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce  and the El Cerrito Garden Club, we are working to start the conversation with businesses about the valuable benefits of well-maintained trees.

We will be focusing on businesses throughout the El Cerrito business district. Down the road a few miles, Berkeley’s healthy trees show how trees help create a lively and active business district.

business image 3Moreover, research has proven that trees can actually improve businesses’ bottom lines and draw in more customers who will pay more, stay longer and have better perceptions of the business and the actual product. Professor Kathleen Wolf from the University of Washington found that trees make for a better shopping experience with prices averaging about 9% more for products located in areas populated with trees. They can also raise property values—both commercially and residentially. If that wasn’t enough, well-treed areas also have slower traffic and lower crime— More reasons to have healthy trees!

What will the campaign entail?

2012-09-28 13.19.54The goal of the campaign is to initiate a conversation with businesses in El Cerrito on the topic of creating a healthy tree canopy which adds to a strong and thriving business community. Through the City of El Cerrito and the Chamber of Commerce, the campaign will release an online survey in mid-February to gives businesses the opportunity to share their view points on current tree issues. The City of El Cerrito wants to work with businesses to create a vibrant community and getting businesses’ input is the first step.

Business owners and managers are invited to complete a brief online survey by Sunday, March 9, 2014.


The second part of the campaign will be an informational brochure that addresses businesses’ tree-concerns and provides important information on the City’s tree ordinances and responsibilities. Oftentimes people have good intentions, but not proper knowledge.  When business owners or residents try to prune trees themselves it can result in harmful and dangerous conditions. We hope to share information to help clarify these issues.

The City of El Cerrito’s volunteer Tree Committee supports urban forestry efforts. If you are interested in participating, contact City Arborist Stephen Prée.

Join us in investing from the ground up – working for a great El Cerrito community with a thriving commercial area!

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