There’s no denying we’re in the heat of summer.  With temperatures rising over 100 degrees, Bakersfield is literally baking in the summer sun! There’s no better time of the year to give thanks to trees for the cooling effect they have on our homes and streets.  While many people know about the summer shade that trees provide us, few people know that trees are actually working hard all year round to reduce our energy costs, clean our air, increase business sales, and beautify our communities.

That’s why this week we’re launching our Invest From the Ground Up–Bakersfield campaign. Over the next several months, along with our amazing local partners—The Bakersfield Downtown Business Association, The Arts Council of Kern, The Tree Foundation of Kern, The Bakersfield Association of Realtors, The City of Bakersfield, Davey Trees, The New Development Association, The Mission at Kern County, The Kern River Parkway, and  San Joaquin Valley Urban Forest Council —we’ll be working on spreading awareness about the value of trees to both local business and residents.

Through local outreach and events, we’ll be sharing tree care tips and facts you might not know, such as:2012-09-28 13.19.21

  • Businesses do better on tree-lined streets. Trees can actually improve businesses’ bottom lines by drawing in more customers who will pay more, stay longer and leave happier.
  • More trees = more jobs! California trees support more than 60,000 jobs and create $3 billion in individual income ─ that’s a lot of green!
  • Save energy…and money.  Shade from trees can reduce utility bills for air conditioning by 15 to 50%!
  • Improve air quality. In Sacramento County, it was estimated that doubling the tree canopy would reduce summer temperatures by 3 degrees. This reduction in temperature would reduce and the number of smoggy days by 50%.

And there are plenty more facts where those came from!

Imagine Trees First Friday Event rsz_first_friday_image (2)

October 4th 5-9pm

On October 4th, from 5-9pm, we will host a First Friday event dedicated to trees. Our Imagine Trees will take place on Eye Street between 18th and 21st Streets in Downtown Bakersfield.

Join us for a fantastic, festive fall evening filled with:

  • Beautiful tree-themed art by local artisans
  • Treats and beverages by local merchants
  • Galleries, interactive art, pop-up venues, street vendors, and entertainment
  • The opportunity to meet certified arborists & get your tree questions answered
  • …and more!

View the event flyer here.

It’s going to be a treemendous time, so come help us Imagine Trees!

We hope to see you in person and online showing your support for the trees, parks and green spaces that will help Bakersfield thrive!

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