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What a Successful Planting Day!

February 15th was our big day for the Invest From the Ground Up Community Tree Planting Program and it was a smashing success.  We had an amazing turnout with very few hiccups!

The final numbers will be out next month, but it is safe to say that over 1,000 volunteers came out, and 1,264 trees were planted at 19 unique projects.  Some projects had multiple sites as well.  We had IFGU representatives at every site, pulling from CaUFC staff and Board, WCISA staff and Board, Epicenter Management, and CalFire.  We also had over 20 Certified Arborists (in addition to our IFGU reps who are also certified) volunteer to help out at each site, do planting demonstrations, and make sure the trees were planted correctly.

The main website for the program has more information about our Partners, the goals of the program, and links to the two regions with each of the grantees and their projects.  When the trees we planted are fully grown, they will remove 53.72 tons of CO2 and 12,640 pounds of pollutants every year!

Media Coverage

We also saw some great press before and after the events in Porterville, Oakland, Concord, Bakersfield, and more!  Bakersfield even ran two spots on the local TV news!  A few press highlights:


Thank YOU!

We’d like to extend a hearty thank you to our Statewide Partners, Planting Partners, sponsors, local contributors, and to the hundreds of volunteers and coordinators who contributed to this statewide effort to invest in our communities from the ground up.  We all put the hard work in and now, with a little water and love, we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Kids planting at the South San Francisco site

Urban Releaf Team

Kern County – Di Giorgio Park

City of Concord Volunteers

City of Bakersfield Crew


High School volunteers planting along the Tule River in Porterville

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