Trees ~ Water

Urban Greening for Clean Water

The aim of this grant is to implement a multi-benefit urban greening project that will plant approximately 500 trees through an educational community event that engages residents in cities across the Upper San Gabriel River Watershed.

Each partner city will receive the following:
• 50, 15-gallon trees of various species variety
• Tree Planting/Arbor Day tree planting coordination services during spring 2022
• Following the tree planting event, trees will be monitored and inspections for health and maintenance recommendations
• Each project tree will receive a structural pruning 



Come & Plant Trees

Be part of this major celebration of our urban forests. Bring your friends and family. Sign up for news and register for an event near you.

Partner Cities


We will be planting trees in 10 cities across the San Gabriel River Watershed. 

Number of Trees


We will plant 50 trees each in 10 cities in the San Gabriel River Watershed. The trees have been selected for their suitability for future climate conditions.

Fighting Climate Change

Clean Water

Urban forests help clean our water. Trees help by filtering stormwater.

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