CIRCLE: California Initiative to Reduce Carbon and Limit Emissions

community-tree-planting-event1Invest from the Ground Up has partnered with West Coast Arborists and the Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture in our newest endeavor, CIRCLE!

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who planted 1000+ trees at our events so far!  We have one last event in National City on November 19th. Click on the following cities to download specific event flyers.

The primary purpose of CIRCLE is to improve and enrich the urban forests in disadvantaged communities statewide by planting an abundance of site specific and drought tolerant/shade trees of various species, all while developing a network of communities that have a desire to improve air quality and urban forestry in California. This project aims to educate these communities on the importance of reducing GHG emissions as well as how an improved management of a city’s urban forest can help prevent these emissions. Through determined planting initiatives, CIRCLE will unite regional community-based organizations to support and carry on its cause to other communities that may lie outside the CalEnviroScreen 2.0’s qualifying communities. By simply planting trees, CIRCLE will reduce GHG emissions and VOCs by potentially providing shade to homes for the next 40 years, will filter air, and limit storm water runoff.

Through the endeavor of planting trees, CIRCLE will utilize the platform to provide education into managing an urban forest and tree inventory while presenting the community with direct evidence on the importance of green infrastructure. A byproduct of this project will also be to create and advertise jobs for those who reside in the DACs. WCA will provide those in need with job opportunities and education to advance within the industry. This project aligns with the desires of the Green Innovations Grant because its goal is not just to plant trees, but rather to educate and begin a network of communities who all aspire to live in greener, cleaner state. Trees are the cornerstone to making this happen, but its the potential education and future networks that make this planting project innovative.


We have met with all of partner cities and each city is excited about planting 150 trees in their community! We are currently broadening our species list and aim to begin developing the trees now, with planting events being held on Make a Difference Day, October 22, 2016!

Projects will continue to unfold into 2017 including on-going care and job creation in under-served communities.