Looking for a Smart Investment?

Sometimes, the best solutions don’t have to be new, complicated, or expensive. We started the “Invest From the Ground Up” campaign because Californians deserve to know that investing in our trees, parks, and green spaces not only helps create great neighborhoods, we get back much more than we put in.

Once people see what can grow when we simply Invest From the Ground Up, we can begin making decisions that help our communities thrive, our local businesses flourish, and the place we live feel even more like home.

We can only make this a reality through the support of our donors, sponsors, and partners. Your investment in us will make it possible to keep this campaign moving, take it to more communities, and reach more people.

Click here to visit our donation page and make your tax-deductible donation today!

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor or Partner?

Through your generous contributions, we can bring our campaign to more cities and have a bigger impact wherever we go. Ultimately, that means we can do more to cool our cities, clean the air we breathe, slow down traffic, make our
communities safer and increase the value of California’s homes and businesses. Download our sponsorship brochure or contact Nancy Hughes at njhughes@caufc.org or 415.479.8733 to discuss opportunities to help expand the program. We’d love to find a way to work together.

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