Cuidado del árbol

The Invest From the Ground Up partnership wants to ensure that your tree is successful. This page provides you with the necessary tree care tips to grow a healthy tree. Newly planted trees, especially, need more care. Eventually, you’ll see all the benefits of caring for your tree!

Watering Guide

Year 1
5 gallons of water, twice a week

Year 2
5–10 gallons of water, once a week

Year 3
5–10 gallons of water, twice per month

Year 4+
As needed in warm months and periods of drought


Ground level support

– Mulching
– Berm
– Soil Mosture


The California Urban Forests Council has created a number of flyers, in both English and Spanish, promoting the benefits of a healthy urban forest. You can find them here.

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How to plant a tree

Right tree in the right place

Post planting tree care

Canvassing & Advocacy

Tree Planting Guide

Download here

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