City Forest Renewal: Upland

City of Upland

The City of Upland, in the Southern California Inland Empire region became an early partner in the City Forest Renewals Project. The city has a large demographic of mature trees. Furthermore, many of the American sweetgum trees are in decline due to drought and pests. This project comes to the city at a tremendous time, in an effort to shift the discussion from tree removals to urban forest expansion. 


Details of the event. 

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DAC/SDAC Maps – Upland

Disadvantages Communities (DACs) & Severely Disadvantaged Communities (SDAC) are determined by Median Household Income Data. Projects funded through Prop 68 funding require a majority of funds to go to DACs/SDACs.

Tree Removals 

The City of Upland removed dead, diseased, or hazardous trees from their City through the City Forest Renewals program. The map represents the location in which trees were removed.

Tree Replacements 

In exchange for grant-funded removals, the City of Upland will plant two trees for every one tree removed. In recent years, Upland has done a great job at utilizing its annual Arbor Day as a tree planting event to benefit the community and maintain Tree City USA’s status. 

When trees are planted and data is collected, maps will be uploaded.

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