How can you support our campaign and invest from the ground up in your neighborhood?

1. Take Action:

  • Ask an Arborist 
  • Learn about the benefits of trees. Our trees, parks and green spaces give us so much more than just a sense of comfort and well-being. Once you learn about the full range of their value, and the big returns we get from our small investment in them, you can get involved and support efforts in your own community to grow and care for them.
  • Care for your trees
  • Plant a tree
  • Contact your local public official to tell them how you feel about trees

2. Join:

We need you. This campaign is connecting homeowners, business owners, organizations and community leaders in cities across California, but we need your stories, your input and your voice in order to be effective. By joining the campaign you can not only add your voice to our efforts, you can stay up to date on the latest developments across California and in your own community. Get engaged:

  • Sign up for our Invest From the Ground Updates to be the first to know about important news.
  • Share the campaign and what you learn about the value of trees with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get more frequent updates and easily share news and information with your social networks.
3. Invest: We keep this campaign moving through the support of our donors, sponsors and partners. Your investment in us will make it possible to take this campaign to more communities and reach more people. Please consider donating today.

Are you, your city or your organization already involved in a great project that’s supporting or investing in your community’s trees and green spaces? Click here to check out our guide on gathering and telling your own stories, or email us! We’re always looking for successes to share and learn from.

Have other ideas or questions? Send us an email at, tell us through Facebook or Twitter or simply give us a call at 415-479-8733.

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