Trees give us so much. They clean the air, purify our water, provide us with shade, reduce crime, but can you believe that trees can also help your marriage? In the United States, researchers estimate that 40%–50% of all first marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. There are many factors that lead to the collapse of a marriage, but here’s five ways that keeping trees in your life can help keep your spouse in your life as well.

1. Less Stress. Work stress or other stresses can easily hurt your relationship. It’s often hard for people to be positive and kind when they are stressed out. Over time it can lead to more and more controversy in a relationship. Research has shown that being around trees reduces stress. In fact, trees can help improve moods, reduce anger and aggressiveness and increase overall happiness. It makes sense that people who are happier and less stressed have happier relationships too.

2. More money. We’d all like to believe in the romantic notion that love can conquer all, but financial difficulties, aMoney-treend the stress that accompanies them, are the leading causes of divorce. Investing in trees can help your financial situation and thus improve your marriage. Strategically planted trees can reduce your cooling and heating energy costs, by up to 30%.

3. Better Health. Trees can also be credited with improving one’s physical health. Research has shown that the risk of divorce increases when women get ill. Trees and green spaces can help us stay healthy by promoting our desire to get outdoors and be active. In addition, views of greenery can speed healing time. And since stress is a key contributing factor for many diseases including heart disease and cancer, more trees keeping these diseases at bay, at least for women, can help our marriages.

4. Keep that fire burning.Couple walking in park Trees can also help us get in that romantic mood. Who can resist a picnic or strolling hand in hand through the park? More green spaces also encourage us to get active and increased excise is a simple solution to increasing libido.

5. The way man’s heart is through is stomach. This may be an outdated statement, but we can’t forget to thank the trees for providing us with delicious foods.Trees produce fruit such as avocados, bananas, olives, figs, pomegranates, and cherries that have been touted for centuries as aphrodisiacs.

As if trees weren’t busy enough providing us with benefits, they are now helping us with our love lives too!