378636_2901293409072_489132003_nOur executive director Nancy Hughes recently wrote a blog for Children & Nature Network on the “Six Life & Death Reasons We Need Our City Trees.” Thanks to C&NN for getting our message out there!

Read an excerpt from Nancy’s blog:

America’s urban populations are growing. The 2010 U.S. Census shows that 93 percent of Americans live in metropolitan or micropolitan areas (smaller cities with suburban development).

These cities have what is called “gray infrastructure” in place to support us so we have water for spigots and sewers, electricity for our appliances, and roads for our commerce. They also provide numerous other public services, including police and fire, parks and schools.

But these cities also have “green infrastructure,” from the public and private trees that line our streets to the parks – home to our picnics and morning walks. Unfortunately, city leaders often overlook the many benefits and urban ecosystem services that these public and private green spaces provide.

Children-and-Nature-NetworkEspecially during these tough economic times, green infrastructure and the services that support it can often be the first to go. Understandably, “essential services” (mainly fire and police forces) receive what little budget municipalities have, but broadening the definition of essential services would serve our communities well.

The truth is that our green infrastructure is not just “nice to have.” These trees, parks and green spaces provide real, quantifiable benefits crucial to the health and wealth of our cities and the people who live in them.

Eager to find out what the 6 reasons we need trees are? Check out Nancy’s full piece on the Children & Nature Network website.