We have had two successful rounds of tree planting events as part of the 2014 Invest From the Ground Up – Community Tree Planting Program.

Spring 2014 – Round Two Plantings

This spring and early summer, we held 11 additional events with our Round Two Planting Partners in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and greater San Diego region.

Please see the link below for more details on the Round Two Planting Partners and projects:

Spring 2014  – Round Two

February 2014 – Round One Plantings

In February there were a total of 19 unique tree planting events on February 15, 2014 in two regions:  twelve Planting Partners in the San Francisco Bay Area and seven in the Southern San Joaquin Valley (Kern and Tulare Counties).

Please see the links below to see our Round One 2014 Planting Partners:

2014 San Francisco Bay Area Project

2014 Southern San Joaquin Valley Project

 Program Goals
  • Increase awareness & community involvement in caring for community trees, including proper care and maintenance
  • Increase tree canopy, shade and related tree benefits to communities, including reducing heat island effect, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, cleaning water and air, providing aesthetic and habitat value, and improving public health

Invest From the Ground Up – Community Tree Planting is a regional tree planting and education program led by California Urban Forests Council (CaUFC) and the Western Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (WCISA). The program was initially launched in 2007 as the United Voices for Healthier Communities – Read about the program’s history and previous projects.  We are also proud to partner with two statewide organizations California ReLeaf and the Local Government Commission  in this program. Similar large-scale tree planting events have been implemented by CaUFC, WCISA, and its partners in the past, under the name of the United Voices for Healthier Communities.  Projects were completed in 2007 and 2010 in Southern & Central California. Wondering how to properly plant a tree?  We like this video: Canopy Presents: How to Plant a Tree