Growing trees help build great communities. Fortunately for Albany, CA, there are a number of local tree heroes who understand how trees benefit their community and are working hard to plant more of them. The work these tree heroes are doing benefits their neighbors both individually and as a group. From increased business and higher property values to community benefits such as lower crime rates and better health, Albany’s tree heroes are making a huge impact in their city, one tree at a time.

We are excited to share the stories of Albany tree heroes that can inspire others to invest from the ground up.

Tony Wolcott, Albany’s Urban Forester

For 6 years, Tony has been Albany’s Urban Forester, working on bringing us more trees in Albany. During his tenure, 1800 trees have been planted to help green Albany, create stronger business on Solano and San Pablo Avenues, and create an overall more beautiful Albany. We believe that Tony and his team should be recognized for their work in making Albany an amazing place to live.  Yes, Albany’s community trees create a sense of neighborhood and community, but they also increase property values and help keep people healthy. In the last several months, Tony has been working hard on the Invest From the Ground Up campaign.  His goal is to share the benefits of trees and inspire people to care for them.  He is also working towards the tree-mendous goal of planting 1,000 trees in Albany by 2015 and creating Albany’s first Green Corridor on San Pablo Avenueand neighboring residential streets. You can contact Tony to get your own free street tree and be a tree hero yourself!


Jennifer Reed and Jeff Madden, Albany Residents and Tree Advocates
When Jen and Jeff first moved back to Albany and purchased a home on Talbot Street they were happy to have returned to the area… but their new street was nearly treeless! With backgrounds in landscape architecture and planning, the couple knew that trees can help to create a thriving neighborhood. By investing in street trees, Jen and Jeff’s efforts encouraged neighbors to come together for a tree planting day. It resulted in 33 new street trees for their neighborhood! By investing from the ground up, Jen and Jeff transformed Talbot Street from a bleak and boring block to a beautiful, inspiring neighborhood.

703beforetrees         703after

Before                                                                    After
Jeff&Jennifer_Hero Ad

Thank you to Albany’s tree heroes for all their great work! Join them by investing from the ground up and being a tree hero yourself! 

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