AMPlifying Community Groups

On January 12, 2022, local California service organizations came together to discuss their role in CaUFC’s groundbreaking event, AMPlifying the Urban Forest. The involvement of local community groups is essential to the success of AMPlifying the Urban Forest in order to garner community-wide engagement as well as ensure the cities’ newly planted trees will be maintained and cared for well into the future. This meeting, held over Zoom, brought these groups together virtually for an exciting look into what is to come. 

30 cities from 4 different regions throughout California have been selected to be a part of AMPlifying the Urban Forest and each were tasked with determining a group from their own communities to spearhead involvement and education surrounding the event. These community groups range from local tree foundations and church groups to young-adult-led groups such as local teen centers and high school ROTC programs. While the scope of these groups is wide-ranging, the like-minded approach each group holds for their own cities’ urban forests is exactly what is needed for a successful tree planting event. Their involvement will ensure the educational benefits of AMPlifying the Urban Forest will be dispersed throughout these California communities. 

The community partners in attendance received their first introductions to the event at this Zoom meeting as well as gained a perspective on what involvement leading up to the event will entail. Insights from the meeting included a look into the event schedule for March 12, 2022, ways in which each group can encourage volunteers within their communities, and marketing and media strategies for best spreading the word and encouraging involvement.

Finally, the meeting concluded with a big “hoo-rah” for all community group partners recognizing their involvement and special role in executing AMPLifying the Urban Forest. Planting 2,000 trees across California could not be accomplished without community volunteers whose efforts will be organized and directed by each city’s selected group. These efforts seek to further the larger, collaborative urban forestry movement behind AMPLifying the Urban Forest which aspires to educate and engage communities across California on the necessity and benefits of urban forests.

Funding for this project is provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as part of the California Climate Investments Program.

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