Hi, it’s Mary from the Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture, happy to contribute again to this important campaign!  My topic today is the top 5 signs you need a certified arborist.  Let’s get started!

  1. You have a tree.  Let’s start with the obvious, shall we?  If you have a tree that is planted in an urban setting, you need an arborist!  Sure, you can prune it yourself if it’s low enough to the ground, but for the safety of yourself and anyone who comes near the tree, we recommend hiring a certified arborist who will properly maintain your tree.
  2. Your tree is overgrown.  Most professionals recommend pruning a tree once ever 1-3 years, depending on the tree.  This 1 – 3 year cycle depends on growth, water, and the tree’s proximity to potential targets.  Certified arborists have proven knowledge of how much to prune for optimal growth, where to make the safest cuts, and how to properly dispose of the removed foliage.
  3. SoCal EdisonYour tree is close to power lines.  Your utility company has probably contacted you already if this is the case.  Certified utility arborists are specialists in the hazards related to trees and power lines and know how to safely prune around them.  Southern California Edison has some great resources on trees and power lines, and explains why pruning is a job for qualified line-clearance arborists.
  4. Your tree is your pride and joy.  Do you love your tree?  Does it give you countless gifts including fruit, fragrance, peace of mind, shade and recreation?  I assume the answer is yes… so return the favor!  Give your tree the love and care that only a certified arborist can give.
  5. You wish you had a tree but don’t know where to start.  Last but not least, maybe you don’t even have a tree, but you think you might want one.  You are in an optimal position, my friend!  With the assistance of a certified arborist, you’ll be able to pick the perfect species to fit your needs and determine the absolute best spot to plant it.

Certified arborists can be a key resource to you and your trees!  They keep us and our trees safe from harm and help us reap benefits that only trees can provide.  If you’re in need of an arborist, visit the International Society of Arboriculture’s website to find a list of certified arborists in your zip code.   Leveraging the skills of a certified arborist is a key component of investing from the ground up!

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