As you may have already heard, in September, the legislature decided to delay voting on all discretionary cap and trade funds until at least January. Unfortunately, this affects the CalFIRE Urban Forestry grants for disadvantaged communities. However, the funding for this program has not been eliminated at this time, just delayed, so it is still a great idea to get started on your concept proposals!

Now that we have additional time to assist you, Civicspark is more prepared than ever to provide you with technical assistance for your grant application. We can help you from concept building to the actual application process. While we are mot able to actually fill out your applications or write the concept proposals for you, we will happily check your application for completeness, help you with carbon calculations, help you devise a concise plan, and provide a host of other services!

Whether you feel stuck or just feel like you could use a little additional assistance, we are here for you! We also host several resources that may help to inspire you or give you the additional information you need. Next week, we will have a new team of Civicspark AmeriCorps members starting who are excited to assist your needs.

If you would like assistance or additional information on any of our resources, please contact Elizabeth Lanham at or 669-236-7619.

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